What is this place anyway?

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Dot [at] dabbled [dot] org

What’s this place about?

“I have an idea!”
I don’t claim to be the best artist/crafter/builder/whatever but I think that half the fun is trying new things and bringing ideas to life. That’s the moral of “dabbled” . Just do it. Try it. Change it around. And let the world see it when you’re done. “Wouldn’t it be cool if….”

What you’ll find here:

The working title of this “project” (Dabbled, I mean) was Dot’s Unfinished Projects. I seem to always get ideas on stuff I want to do (and my husband rolls his eyes when he sees I have an new idea) and I’ll add it to the list of things to do. Sometimes I buy supplies, sometimes I start, sometimes I actually finish (usually when I have a deadline of some sort), and sometimes the idea just keeps flittering around in the back of my mind. Usually i’m inspired by stuff others have done that i’ve seen on the net, othertimes it’s just out of my little head.

So what kind of projects? Well, anything, but mostly crafty stuff, or food, or art.

What else will you find here? Well, probably links to other cool stuff people have done, stuff that I like for inspiration.

Why this blog?

Up til now, I’ve been throwing all my projects, unfinished and otherwise, into my livejournal, littered in with all the random stuff I post (like the cute things my 2 year old does). This blog is an attempt for an appropriate home to my projects, and other stuff I find inspiring.

Browse and Enjoy!