Which one should I wear today?

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Betty-XF23 has such a dilemma… which do you think RoboMecha-Z will like best?

I did this quick little watercolor pencil drawing for this week’s MondayArtday theme of “Hair”. I think I’m getting a little better at the technique – but it’s still hard not to have an undo button when i color!!

Which One Should I Wear?

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  • Diana Evans [] :

    what a great piece Dot! I love the choices…nice work and neat idea

  • Hello, I'm Sally. [] :

    I chose blue!

  • Anne-Marie [] :

    Cute – I love it! Tell Betty that the rumor is that blonds have more fun =)

  • Dot [] :

    hehe, thanks for the comments.. i was thinking blue myself, it works better with green “skin”.


  • Tracy [] :

    Oooh, I vote for the green to match her “belt”. :) But then again, blue would go with her bright eyes!