Ya win some… ya lose some… (Valentine candy FAIL)

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Valentine Brittle FAIL!If anyone was under the impression that everything I ‘dabble’ with comes out lovely, let me disabuse you of that notion!

I had this great idea for Macadamia nut brittle hearts. The sugar mixture is ready to pour out when it reaches a ‘light amber color’, right? Hmm, apparently my idea of light amber color was a little different than the recipe’s. (I guess it’s time to invest in a candy thermometer.) The first set I poured up basically never set — the syrup was still syrup!. I tried again, and that was still not right–solid, but very soft. I tried reheating, and came out with my final product (One set is sticky beyond belief, the other is burnt!)

Hmm, well… They’re pretty!
Valentine Brittle FAIL!Valentine Brittle FAIL!Valentine Brittle FAIL!

Actually, there was nothing wrong with the idea (just my execution of it). Use a good peanut brittle recipes, and follow the instructions. Just use a candy thermometer to ensure you pour out at the right temp, and you should be fine. Pour into heart shaped molds (silicone is nice) instead of out on a sheet pan.

Plus, I was cleaning up the sugar syrup out of the saucepan, and figured I’d just throw some more water in there, and boil it, then pour it out and wipe down the pan. Easy peasy, right? Unless you get distracted and forget about the pan. Till all the water boils out. And the little bit of sugar left has baked itself on to the bottom of the pan, and all over the glass lid. The clear lid was literally brown/black, where you couldn’t see through it, and the burnt on sugar was melded to it. I really wish I’d taken a picture.
–good news though — I googled for how to clean burnt sugar, and amazingly, in boiling a mixture of water, baking soda and a drop of dishliquid cleaned all the gunk of the lid… it just flaked off like old paint! (takes a while, though, and minimal scraping with a butter knife occasionally)

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  • reeni [] :

    there is some sort of anti-valentine poetry in there — hearts that are burned dark but less fragile, versus hearts that are pale and soft because they haven’t been on the fire enough. And of course having nuttiness in your heart!

  • Dot [] :

    hehe, probably so!

  • kleiosbelly [] :

    though not quite as sticky, i just had a similar experience — let the tea kettle boil dry and then thought, “well, i’ll just put it here on this hotpad to cool off.”

    what’s that funny smell? oh, it’s the hotpad, burned to a crisp.

    too bad you can’t enter your own contest, cause this would do it!

  • Amy C [] :

    oh no what a disaster – I still enjoyed the humor you wrote in to the whole thing!
    They still look really pretty.

  • Ida [] :

    I thought I was the only one that had disasters in the kitchen! Thanks for the info.