12 Pumpkin related halloween ideas: Crafty, costumes and food

Finally getting into the halloween spirit around here.  The hubby was making new gravestones for the front yard the other day, while I thrift shopped and sewed for the Boys two (two?  Why two?  I’m not quite sure!) halloween costumes.  I’ll get him to model one of them when he gets home from school today (Draco Malfoy: Death Eater!) and show that off to you guys this week.  Plus a couple of cool tutorials on making it.

Until then, to tide you over on halloween related goodness, here’s a few ideas for halloween — all pumpkin, all the time!

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Crafty Pumpkins:

PS, this is in no particular order and no, I was lazy and didn’t try to make it match the photos above.

Foody Faux Pumpkins:

And some food involving actual pumpkin:

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