Halloween Costume: Draco Malfoy, The Littlest Death Eater!

So, The Boy is somehow getting 2 halloween costumes this year.  He’s a big Harry Potter fan, so his first costume is Draco Malfoy, Death Eater. He’s only on book 6, but he has some Legos that have Draco Malfoy in Death Eater garb, so he’s latched on to this idea.

So, for his totally homemade/upcycled costume, we have:

  • A robe, made from several old t-shirts.
  • A Slytherin scarf, made from old sweatshirts.
  • A death eater mask, made from a dollar store skeleton mask.
  • A broomstick, made by Dad from an old broom with a custom handle
  • A wand, which is actually a very large chopstick my parents brought back from their travels somewhere.
  • A Dark Mark, made with a fine tip sharpie marker.

I’ll have tutorials on making most of the pieces of the costume this week, so stay tuned!


Tutorials posted:

Video – watch The Boy explain how to make his costume

Some additional pics: