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Robot Bathtime – or an excuse to try out my new watercolor pencils

Robot Bathtime - or an excuse to try out my new watercolor pencils
I tend to draw on paper, then color in photoshop. And i haven’t done watercolors in years, and my oils/acrylics haven’t seen the light of day since i had a toddler running around the house. But a trip to the art store today led to an impulse purchase of watercolor pencils, and i’ve been playing with the all night.… [ KEEP READING ]

Illustration Friday – "Fierce"

Illustration Friday - "Fierce"
A request to my dear readers — do you think any of these are portfolio worthy? I have such a blind spot for my own work. Any honest advice appreciated! This is a quick coloring job of a concept sketch i did for a new project. The line work is rough, but I think they are cute anyway :).… [ KEEP READING ]

Dabbled Summer Doldrums Contest

Dabbled Summer Doldrums Contest

I think it’s time for another Dabbled contest. We can’t wait all the way to halloween, can we? Cuz you know there is going to be a killer Halloween contest. Remember the Black Heart Anti-Valentine’s Day contest and the April Fool Contest!? But until then…
The theme is Summer Doldrums.… [ KEEP READING ]


Some links to check out! In forcing herself to get out of her creative funk, The Caffinated Crafter produced this cute little critter. I love him! (and on etsy!) Little Arty Crafty Crow creates adorable yet slightly creepy little dressed up animals. (on etsy too!) Bitter Betty has a tutorial/recipe for making an organic Strawberry Lime jam.… [ KEEP READING ]

More webby goodness

More web spring cleaning…
2 things:
1) I updated my RSS feed – even though i’ve had a feed through feedburner forever, for some reason I was still using the standard blogger feed. So, hopefully i didn’t screw anything up when i changed that. So, if you’ve been reading this feed for a while, pls post and let me know that you still see it :) 2) I joined Twitter.… [ KEEP READING ]

Charcoal sketch

Charcoal sketch
And now for something completely different!
I was playing around with my charcoal pencils and decided to do something realistic. I haven’t drawn like this in ages, but I thought it would be a good brain exercise.