Illustration Friday – "Punchline"

“Sometimes, when a comedian is stuck, and can’t come up with his own punchline, he is tempted to purchase one. The price is much more than it originally appears.”

Illustration Friday - Punchline

Not sure exactly where the inspiration for this comes from… I had in my head a devil or an evil clown who would provide punchlines to those in need… for the price of your soul. But in the end, apparently it’s only 15 cents. The hubby just walked by and said “Not your most inspired work.” Sigh. Well, i think it’s cute anyways.

Continuing the Faux Vintage Ad Posters series

And since i spent last week at the beach (OBX was great!), i was late posting last week’s IF. Here it is, a quite different style. Click through for bigger. A Forgotten pail and shovel are now the property of the cute little crab.
Illustration Friday - Forgotten

Tomorrow I should get around to the tutorial on the way cool Robot Birthday Cake!