A couple of robot sketches for Subterranean

[12 Mar 2010 | By | 9 Comment(s) | 3,860 views ]

The prompt on Illustration Friday this week is Subterranean…I’ll probably do another pic for IF this week, but I thought this was cool.. Which do you like better?

I was playing around with a fun little online drawing tool called Harmony that I found via Drawn.ca.

So I sketched part of the idea I had for illustration friday this week!  I really like the sparse feel to this… and it was fun :)  I’ll probably do another IF for Subterranean, but if not, here are these two!

Speaking of robots.. check out my news from yesterday about my robot cake being featured on MSNBC :)

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9 Comment(s) »

  • candace camling [] :

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post. My sketches are not for any particular project… I wish they were though!!

    your robots are so creative and well done! Also, I am totally impressed that you were featured on MSNBC for your cake!! Coolness!

  • Amy C [] :

    these are really beautiful, the line work is so stunning.
    Whipeee yahoo on the robot cake too that’s super awesome.

  • Dot [] (author) :

    thanks guys! i think it’s really helpful sometimes to go out of your element..

  • Vanessa Newton [] :

    This is such beautiful line work. The illustration is magical. I really like your style a lot. Great work!!!! Thanks so much for your very kind words left at the blog. They are a comfort right now. Thanks again.

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Thanks, Vanessa… And was so sorry to hear about your friend…

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    Oh my gosh, this looks really super cool! It kind of has that….x-ray look, but cooler. I hope I’m making sense. I especially like the top one for all the great contrast.

    Love the colors on your robot king. He is one great dude!

    And WAHOOO for the robot cake! Congratulations!

  • doodlebugger [] :

    I love your ideas, and they are very well executed.

  • get zappead [] :

    They’re beautiful bots. Love the plant life too.

  • valgalart [] :

    i love the first one best but they both are pretty great ;) congratulations on your robot cake that is AWESOME!!! :D