Easter Egg Prep – How to blow eggs!

I love this tutorial from Wisdom of the Moon.  I must admit I don’t usually blow eggs (ie remove the egg from the shell ahead of time then paint the eggshells), but this technique seems like it might make it worth the effort–can you believe the secret to this is using an aspirator (ya know, they thing you suck out babies’ noses with!?)!  And I love that this way they can keep their eggs from year to year..

Wendy says:

In preparation for one of our favorite holiday craft activities, I start collecting blown eggs early. I find it helpful to blow the eggs as I use them in recipes, so I don’t end up with Mason jars full of raw eggs.

Why blow the eggs instead of just hardboiling them? Well, when you put as much effort into these suckers as we do, you’ll want to have them around year after year. And as much as we love to decorate eggs, a family can only eat so many deviled eggs.

The first year that we ever tried dying blown eggs I gave myself a serious case of TMD as Jeff’s ex-wife and I spent the better part of an hour blowing through egg after egg in order to make enough for the 4 kids to dye. Ah, good times. (But that was before I discovered the brilliance of a special tool.)

Very cool! Go read the whole things, she gives a great step by step with pictures!

While we’re on the subject of eggs, here’s some cool ideas on how to dye them!

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