A new series at Foodwhirl: an Asian recipe Mix!

So what’s this?  Tofu.  And it’s really good, I promise.  I just posted the how to at Foodwhirl, and I’ll be adding some yummy Pad Thai tomorrow.

Plus next week comes Summer Shrimp Sushi, and Asparagus Shrimp Noodle Salad… All with overlapping ingredients, so you can plan several days worth of meals without over spending!

Also upcoming, blackberry tarts…or dewberry tarts, really. I just have to get around to writing it up!

So hop over to Foodwhirl to check it out. And if you think you have some inspired foodie goodness to share, just let me know! We love to feature guest posts! Get the Foodwhirl RSS feed too!

I promise new crafty goodness soon too (and yeah, I know, I haven’t been drawing….soon!)… Just been on a foodie focus lately! And I’ve been working… web design anyone?