A Quilt Dilemma

Ok, for all you quilt experts out there, I have a query.

My mom just sent me up 2 quilts that she’s apparently had packed away in the attic forever.  One was made by my great grandmother, and is in pretty bad shape.  It’s fraying around the edges, and was (I’m assuming) a quilt made for using, not displaying.  The other was made by my Great Aunt Lottie, and it in much better shape.  Both smell musty, even after washing.

So, what the heck do I do with these? (Apologies in advance for the poor photos..) I need ideas! Do I try to patch up the old one? Cover it? Stick it back in a trunk? What about the other one?

Here’s the First Quilt: (click to see larger)

Here’s the second quilt:

I do have a lovely quilt made by my grandmother on display as a wall hanging in the spare bedroom, by the way… So it’s not that I’m lacking quilts.  Pretty huh?