Anti V-Day Art winners

Our special guest judge has examined the finalists, and we have results!

The top picks, and his comments:
1) Missed it by This Much – I loved the craftsmanship that went into this piece! Well thought out and executed. The tiny arrows sealed the deal for me.
2) Cat-pid – I’m a big fan of cartoon-y art. I dig the expression on the cat’s face. It’s kinda like it’s his 1st day on the job, and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing.
3) Caged Heart I’m also a huge fan of really graphic work. The red/black combination is very striking. This could easily be a tattoo.
4) Impasse The negative space created by the white forms in this piece really caught my eye. Also the one little splash of red really adds something.

art - anti vday contest

Winners, email me, and feel free to go snag yourself a nifty little Winner button HERE.

Go take a look at all the cool finalists!

Caged Heart
Not a Valentine
Cupid Missed
Vacuum Card
Barry White

PS: Voting is open til tuesday for the People’s Choice Award — spread the word and go vote for up to 3 favorites from the main contest.