Anti-Valentines Art sub-category finalists…

It’s kinda hard to draw the line between art and craft… craft techniques can be used to create art, and art can be 3 dimensional, not just a drawing on a sheet of paper. As we were judging this contest, I decided I wanted to pull the art/illustration category out separately. This somewhat subjective–For our purposes, it generally it includes illustrations and paper cards. This means I’m actually giving our more prizes, but hey, that’s just the kind of girl I am!

Realizing that all our judges are crafters rather than illustrators (as far as I know – they *are* multi-talented!) I added an additional judge to this round as well… Aaron of Near and Far webcomic (also one of our fabulous sponsors!).

PS: Voting is open til tuesday for the People’s Choice Award — spread the word and go vote for up to 3 favorites.

So, the hand picked art finalists —

Caged Heart
Not a Valentine
Cupid Missed
Vacuum Card
Barry White

—winners announced tomorrow! (Because I like to torture you–it IS anti-valentines and the terms of the contract clearly state that I can torture you.)
– 2/20/09 : Go HERE for Winners