Anti-Valentines – Judges pick the Winners!

It’s time to reveal the winners of the 2nd Annual Anti-Valentines Day contest–at least the crafty ones. Art/Illustration will be tomorrow (just trying to keep the suspense up!!) It was a hard fought battle, and we had so many awesome entries, I don’t know how the Judges did it. In addition to the Winners picked by the judges, don’t forget YOU have the opportunity to vote for the ‘Peoples Choice Award’.

First off, a special thanks to our lovely judges:
The lovely and ingenious Diane, of Craftypod , the clever and delightful Alice, of Futuregirl and the charming and talented Rachel, of Average Jane Crafter. These ladies did a fabulous job picking our winners and finalists — and with so many good entries, that was hard!

Secondly, another special thanks to our sponsors:
Some Art Fabric, Crafting with Cat Hair, Near and Far Comic, and The Booty Bag ™. These are the cool people who donated prizes for you guys to win!* Go visit them and tell ’em thanks!

So, first place goes to Samwise’s Melting Heart
Melting Heart
As a judge said “I love not only the creative use of wire, but also how elegantly this piece represents the idea of a heart coming apart.” If you have a website, I’d love to link to it.

Second place goes to Crafting With Cat Hair‘s Kiss Me Deadly Poison Lipstick
"Kiss Me Deadly" poisoned lipstick
“Not only does it make really precision use of craft techniques, it’s so subtly funny.”

Third place to Lemongrass Studio’s Pecking away at Love Original Hand Hooked Rug

“Alison’s latch hook entry is is a perfect execution of the contest theme. At first glance, it’s a charming bird and heart, and then you realize what the bird is doing and in an instant you get the true message of the anti-Valentine theme. I love that this piece could be displayed year-round, inviting second glances and “a-ha” moments no matter the month. Great work, Alison!”

Winners, Please email me at holiday -[at]- And go look at our prizes!

And soooo close — some of these were just a point away! Our Honorable Mentions, in no particular order:


a: Pompom Serial Killers
b: Skeleton Bleeding Heart
c: I heart Maggots!
d: Lili Doll

And you can see all the finalists in the Poll for the People’s Choice Award. Do you know better than our judges? Go vote for YOUR favorite(s).

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*Note – Sponsors were given no consideration within the contest for being sponsors, and were allowed to submit entries. They are simply cool people who donated prizes!