April Challenge: Make Something Cool Every Day

Go here to add your link to the list and see who is participating!

I’ve really been inspired by Laser Bread’s flickrset, where he’s been challenging himself to make something cool every day for all of 2009. (Apparently the idea has been around a while, and there’s even a flickr pool for MSCE.) Now, spurring your creativity everyday for a year would be cool. But I’m thinking I’ll try something more reasonable for ME to accomplish, and I’m inviting you to come along!

So, Welcome to the “Make Something Cool Every Day for April” Challenge!
Something cool can be anything. Art, craft, photography, writing, programming, cooking… whatever, just something creative. Create something. Forcing something every day means you don’t have time to procrastinate, edit, and let best get in the way of good. Along the lines of the Cult Of Done.

But, you don’t have to make the exact same commitment to participate. If you want to do only weekdays, or you missed the beginning and want to jump in in the middle, that’s ok. The point is to inspire creativity, not to follow rules. Not sure you can make a month? Start with a week and see how it goes.

How to play along:
– If you’ve got a blog, post here (or email me) to join and I’ll make a list of participating blogs so we can all follow along and keep each other motivated. (Tag posts MSCEApril. Note, you don’t have to do a new post everyday, but minimally do summary posts at least weekly to show what you’ve done.)
– If you’re on twitter, post links to your MSCE projects, and tag them #MSCEApril (just add something like “my #MSCEApril for today” somewhere in your tweet)
– If you’re on flickr, add pics to the Dabbled pool, and tag them MSCEApril.
– If you’re on facebook, you can show them off at the Dabbled page (go be a Fan!)

Spread the word… let’s get a little underground movement going!

Thanks to those who are spreading the word via twitter and blog! If you tweet, be sure to search for #MSCEApril to follow along there..
Even if you’re not on twitter, just click here to see what’s been posted: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=MSCEApril

My MSCE for today, 4/1 is a button for MSCE April!
Also, Heather at Dollar Store Crafts made a button as well, and has graciously allowed you guys to steal it, if you like it better than mine! It’s really cute.

(Note: if you’re reading this through a feed reader, you may need to click through to get the html) Want to show you are participating, or just like to link to MSCE April? This will link to the list of participants, too! Just cut-n-paste the html below to add this nifty button, wherever html is allowed! If you want a larger image, you can grab this one if you like.

Go here to add your link to the list… and see who else is participating!!