Make Something Cool Every Day in April – Day 2!

[2 Apr 2009 | By | 8 Comment(s) | 3,752 views ]

Welcome to everyone who’s playing along… and it’s not too late to join. See all the details (and grab a button!) here.

I’m off to make my cool thing for today,(Update: My Cool Thing 4/2) but if you’ve decided to attempt to participate, add a link to your blog (or flickr, or whatever) here…

You can also see some of the other things people are doing, here: #MSCEApril
And here are some of the cool people who are already involved! (not everyone, I’ll add more later!)

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  • angeltreats [] :

    I had to sign myself up for this, it’ll give me a kick and make me keep drawing and painting and crocheting :-)

  • jeanne mostly wilson [] :

    I really love this idea. I’ve been looking for some motivation to get me knitting, crocheting and taking photos more regularly. I can’t wait to see all the awesome stuff that gets made this month.

  • Chrissie [] :

    OK …. I’m taking the plunge!
    It’ll be lovely to see what everyone comes up with.

  • Jeanne [] :

    I can be such a procrastinator ~ this will be great!

  • A Magical Childhood [] :

    We’re loving taking part so far. It’s been easier than I thought, partly because there are so many ways to make something cool (recipes, crafts, photography…) and also because I have 4 kids and we always tend to be creating something anyway. :) Thanks for the neat challenge!

  • Sharon [] :

    What a fantastic idea! This could be habit-forming…I may never come back from Craftyland…Please add me to the list!

  • Sharon [] :

    Whoops! Sorry for the double signup on the list. Go ahead and delete one, and this comment too.

  • steph [] :

    Ok, I just signed up for April and it’s pretty much over. Go me. I haven’t been posting pics on my blog of my every day crafting coolness, but there are lots on flickr.