Arts at Inman Park Festival (Part 3 of 3)

(Today: Art. Yesterday: Crafts. Last Week: Random Fun.)

Yesterday was crafty stuff, today Part 3 is artists, and I found some with my type of subjects! Hopefully this will introduce you to some art, and give you some inspiration as well.. As usual, click through on the pics to see larger!

To start off, one of my favorite finds was a fellow robot artist!

Jason Thomas is an artist after my own heart – robots? check! cephalopods? check! he’s even got jellyfish… hmmm, I’ve never tried those! Plus, he was giving away honey with purchase! (You can find Jason at

Jason Thomas - Inman Park Fest 2009

Another cool artist who also had a thing for my favorite subjects, robots & other creatures, was Rebecca Scott, of Robot Baby. Apparently my pic of her booth has disappeared, so I snagged this representative photo off her site. You can find her and her work at
Vendor Booths - Inman Park Fest

>>Look, even her postcards are adorable!

More cute art:
Check out these adorable animals at KMae Art Studio.
Vendor Booths - Inman Park FestVendor Booths - Inman Park Fest