Birthday Party Invite & Thank You Note

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The Boy’s birthday is coming up and i’m not really much for themes… but he loves robots and such so I decided to do a Robot Spaceman theme on his invitation and thank you notes. And then, figuring I’d gone to all that trouble, and it’s so hard to find fun invitations–so I thought I’d share these with the world, and offer them for free download for anyone who might want to use them for there own parties.

The Robo-Spaceman Thank You Note:
Matching thank you notes for the Robot Spaceman Party invite

The Robo-Spaceman Invitation (I genericized it for download-mine had the details typed in):
Robot Spaceman Party Invitation

To download, click through to flickr, choose All Sizes, and there’s a download button. they are jpegs so you can insert them into a Word doc or whatever. The technically impaired can let me know if you have questions! It’s creative commons licensed, so feel free to use for personal use–if you want them for anything else, just contact me at dot(at)

Stay tuned, because depending on whether i have time, i’ll color the other Robot Spacemen for party favor bags or something else — just depends on how martha I end up getting. I think it would be a really cool idea to print one of these sans text(or maybe this one, once i color it) out on shrinky dink plastic and make keychain party favors for the party too. If you do anything fun with these, let me know!

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  • Carly [] :

    Hi there! I got here via Parenthacks. We did a robot birthday this year, too, but mostly just the cake. I wish I’d had some cool T’you’s like yours!
    You can see our cake here:

  • InTheFastLane [] :

    party’s on June 20th! I was looking for robot stuff. i am sooo exited!

  • Dot [] :

    glad to help!

  • Tip Junkie [] :

    They turned out great! My oldest is crazy about space and wants to be an astronaut when he grown up. He will love these. Thanks for sharing.

  • LingoVise Says... [] :

    Pure Awesomeness!
    These just make me want to Plan a little robot party for my little guy… for no reason, other than to have a cool and hip party about robots.

    Neat-O… thanks!

  • Anonymous [] :

    Thanks a bunch for the invitation and thank you templates. It is much appreciated and I’m positive they will make my son’s 3rd birthday party a success!

  • bladesfam [] :

    Thank you for allowing us to “steal” your artwork for personal use! I am doing a robot theme for my little guys first birthday and have had a lot of trouble finding cute, age appropriate designs. I made the invites myself already with some cute stamps that had a little robot and a cupcake with a bolt instead of a cherry. It was from But the Thank you’s you have are super cute and even easier than stamping!! so THANK YOU! Oh and the cowboy robot too! :)

  • Party Checklist [] :

    my son also loved robots, aliens and extra ordinary things.. your site give me an idea on his birthday.. I’ll go for a robot spaceman theme too.. thanks!!

  • Jo [] :

    Thanks for the download! My friend is going to use your super cute thank you notes!

  • Dot [] :


  • Leslie [] :

    I hope you don’t mind, but I used your thank you robot graphic (which is absolutely adorable) on a thank you post on my personal blog. I gave credit to you and linked back to your site.

    If this wasn’t your intention when you said you were sharing them for free, please let me know and I will take it down.

    Thank you!

  • Submitted Tips – Tipjunkie [] :

    […] Dot made a robot birthday party invites and thank you notes for her son’s 3rd year birthday party. They’re adorable. You can download them from her blog! […]