Illustration Friday – "Baby"

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a little different style for me.. but i like it. I may add on to it and do more later, but I like the simplicity. She’s sleeping like a baby… If you missed last week’s: Worry is here. And for more cute robots – the robot invitation and thank you cards are here.

Click through to see the whole thing, it’s cut off here..
Illustration Friday - Baby
Pencil drawing, colored in photoshop.

So, should I do more with her? Improve the shadowing and add a background?

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  • Lisa M Griffin [] :

    I like the muted tones to this piece… makes it melancholy in a way. I know you meant her to appear as if she were sleeping like a baby… but I interpreted it as if she were missing/longing for a baby. Especially having that small stuffed toy with her. Either way, it is a nice illustration.

  • jcdillustration [] :

    I agree that the colors are wonderful. The shadows don’t bother me. If you do develop a hint of background that would add interest, especially if it has some unique or unexpected details.

  • Chris [] :

    I think this looks pretty nice over all. I wouldn’t really change anything. If your intent on adding a background, I think I’d keep it pretty simple; maybe just a texture instead of anything complex. The negative space in your image really adds a lot to it, in my opinion.

  • Tracy [] :

    How funny…I agree with Lisa above…my first thought was she was longing for a baby! Maybe she’s expecting! :) I like it just the way it is.

  • johanna [] :

    that’s a wonderful illustration! after a lot of sleepless nights working, i’d love to sleep like that

  • Candace Trew Camling [] :

    I always like a background, but I also think that is the time consuming part! I love your character, and the colors you used.

  • Josh (musarter) [] :

    Nice illo. I agree with lisa m griffin’s comment. Hello from Athens.

  • Paola [] :

    Your intention is to show her sleeping peacefully so I think the quiet background helps to reinforce this idea. Very nice :)

  • Loni Edwards [] :

    This is so nice! I love the muted colors you used, really set the mood of the piece. Great job getting out of the comfort zone. I hope you do more like this, its very nice.

  • Nancy Bea Miller [] :

    Nice! You asked for opinions: I second (or third or fourth?) what your first commenter, Lise M Griffin, says. Perhaps the muted colors suggest the feeling of longing or melancholy.

  • Flying Colors [] :

    Wonderful take also on the theme, after a week of living with “WORRY”.

    Well, I saw a grown up “BABY”, just longing to be back at that stage! That would be nice at times…
    Nice and peaceful it is. Thank you…

  • Zari [] :

    i think this is just beautiful…love the style and the simplicity of the piece…in my opinion it needs nothing more

  • Lorraine [] :

    the colors are fine ;) Nice work!

  • NANCY LEFKO [] :

    how peaceful and lovely….

    and I too agree with Lisa, that there is an essence of “missing” someone…perhaps a child.

  • Alina Chau [] :


  • sketched out [] :

    It’s very cool, I also love the muted colors. And like the others, the first thing that came into my mind was loss, or missing baby, or wanting one.

    I like both simple backgrounds and detailed. It really depends on your intention and how much energy you have, hee hee. I think this works as is. Perhaps you could imply a subtle hint of bed around her.

    Great job, nice style.