Bunny Love – (reminiscing)

Coming this week I have a How To on making Candied Citrus Peel, and some cute Robots out of champagne corks… But today, I’ve spent several hours in the car picking up The Boy from The Grandparents, so I’m going to show you one of the (embarrassing) first attempts at crafty creation. This was one of the first projects I posted on Dabbled, and it was really what got me thinking about designing my own stuff, and working with recycled materials. I’m posting it today to push those of you who think you CAN’T create. Just try something!

Glove BunnyWhen I tried this, I had just I picked up Sock and Glove -by Miyako Kanamoriafter reading about it on some of the craft blogs I like. The book is full of adorable and relatively easy projects that you can do with old socks and/or gloves. And I loved the idea of the glove animals, so I figured I’d try it. For this one, the process was fairly simple, just removing the middle fingers and thumbs to create the ears and the legs, then sewing back some of the fingers to create the arms and the tail. (Hmm, looking at it, I think the face was slightly more complicated — go check out the book) Having no faith in my sewing ability, I used these ‘lovely’ pink acrylic gloves I found in the Target $1 Spot. And with whatever leftover embroidery thread I had around the house, I hand-stitched this little bunny up — and presented it to the bunny-loving little girl next door. Yes, it’s not the most neatly done stitching or the most adorable bunny ever (I also think it would be tons cuter with button eyes), but the point is that I realized after doing it, that 1) it’s not that difficult and 2) I could do a lot more than just follow patterns and use socks/gloves as bases–which is where I started looking into recycling sweaters instead!

So my point is — and what has always been the point of this website — just try! Try something new and see what happens :)

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