How to throw a White Elephant Party

How to throw a White Elephant Party
Update: We had a homemade eggnog tasting at the party, and it was fun and yummy! I documented How to Make Eggnog here. Also, a few pics from the party are here! After my big Halloween Parties, my next favorite party to throw is a White Elephant gift exchange party. I do one every year in mid december for our close friends, and if you’ve never done one, they are a lot of fun. A great icebreaker type party if people don’t know each other well, and even more fun with a group of friends who have inside jokes!… [ KEEP READING ]

How to Make a kids Harry Potter robe out of Tshirts

how to make a hogwarts robe easy
For The Boy’s Draco Malfoy costume, I had a brainstorm one night when he was using a XL men’s tshirt as a sleep shirt.  It was the perfect size for a wizard robe for a 6 year old. This version is meant to be a Death Eater robe (I took the liberty of having it double as Draco’s school robe as well).  This could of course work for a wide variety of hooded robes, including Jedi robes! So I grabbed it, and a couple more old t-shirts and with my handy dandy sewing machine, I stitched this up.  Note, I am not a seamstress. … [ KEEP READING ]

Harry Potter Themed Halloween Ideas

Make a Mad Eye Moody Eye
I got too busy today to upload a tutorial on the Draco Malfoy Death Eater costume, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. To tide you over, here are some clever Harry Potter halloween ideas, for those who like to mix their All Hallows with the Deathly Hallows! A few photos below, then links to those ideas and more under the photos. Harry Potter Halloween Idea Links:

Sushi-themed Baby Shower Gift

Sushi-themed Baby Shower Gift
Loving this from @dollarcraft a Sushi-themed Baby Shower Gift!
Faux food gifts are a fun idea that’s been floating around out there for a while. You’ve probably seen diaper cakes or sock cupcakes, but here’s a new twist! Jolene from Creative Dollar used an assortment of baby essentials to create “sushi”, which she presented all wrapped up on a plate. Hers was a baby girl gift and included hair bows; for boys, you could use more socks or other small soft goods instead. Sushi-loving moms-to-be will love this creative presentation!
Get the instructions here:

Mother’s Day Blog Party for Tiny Prints – Recap

Mother's Day Blog Party for Tiny Prints - Recap
A big thank you to Tiny Prints for sponsoring a fun blog party to celebrate Mother’s Day! Dabbled hosted a party to promote Tiny Prints Mother’s Day card collection the other night, and it was a ton of fun. The idea was to get a bunch of bloggers and friends of Dabbled together, to celebrate Mother’s Day with a little mom pampering, and to show off the Mother’s Day card collection–which is way cute. Since I couldn’t invite all my lovely readers, I do have a little gift for you from Tiny Prints – Go to their facebook page to get a Free Mother’s Day card for yourself! [ KEEP READING ]

Awesome Party last night!

Awesome Party last night!
We had a blast at a blogger party last night, sponsored by Tiny Prints… I’ll have a full writeup on it and coupon codes for you guys, later this afternoon! Here it is – go check out the pics! It was great to hang out with everyone and get pampered for mother’s day..