Cephalopod Love! (and a free Valentine card)

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2/12 update: Like the squidees? I’m donating one of the original squid watercolors to the Handmade Help relief effort for the Australian bushfires – go bid on her and help a good cause! Details and links to the auction Here.

For you, a free Valentine downloadable card!

Here are two cards you can print and share, featuring our lovely valentine squid. (He needs a name, any ideas?)
Squidy Valentines Cards - avail for free download
You can either snag it from flickr (click on the above image), or grab the higher quality pdf (prints 2 to a page) here.

Aren’t Cephalopods the ultimate valentine’s day theme?

[Edited to remove special valentines deal on artwork – remember, you can always contact me directly for art–I will do commissions, or check out my artfire shop which usually has a few pieces in it… You can also buy prints of any of my work at my Imagekind shop– if you’ve seen a piece you want, and I don’t have it listed there, just email me.]

(It’s Cephalopod Week, see all squidy/octopussy posts here!)

The Peace Squiddee:
Cephalopods - Peace

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11 Comment(s) »

  • Emily of Candy Calamity [] :

    I’m loving the cephalopods – as far as names go, would you consider Minky and Ferdy? They look like a Minky and Ferdy to me…

  • Crafting with Cat Hair [] :

    These guys/girls are just too cute! How about Honey for the girl and Cecil for the boy?

  • Lemongrass Studio [] :

    I hear your pain on the horror of getting a ‘real job’. I’m right there with you, seriously. I checked on your Etsy site, do you ever try and sell original art on it? Or get something made based on your art like jewelry or dishware? Just throwing out some ideas. Since January 1st I have been blogging, hearting, commenting non-stop to get more business. I think 2009 is going to be a great year for you!

  • Dot [] :

    Thanks for the name suggestions!

    Lemongrass, Thanks!
    I don’t really use Etsy – I’ve stuck a few things out there before. I also have an Artfire account, which i may stick some of these squidees out on if there’s interest.

    I do have some prints on Imagekind http://dorsner.imagekind.com.

    That’s a good idea on putting these guys on other products – like jewelry and such. ooh, maybe tshirts?

  • Lemongrass Studio [] :

    Now you are talking, t-shirts would be awesome! Brillz!

  • Digital Scott's Illustrationblog [] :

    Love your squid art! Very fun stuff.

  • Rachel@oneprettything.com [] :

    I *love* this little guy! Nothing like an 8-armed hug. I’ll be linking and printing!

    I was trying to come up with a ceph/card pun but all I got was “Inking of you…” LOL!

  • von Hand zu Hand [] :

    these two guys are so cute.
    a very special gift!

    i like them.


    i set a link to your post at my blog. i hope you’ll agree. if not, please leave a comment.


  • Miss Butterfly [] :

    Cool ! I think SID the squid is a good name ???!!!

  • candy t shirt [] :

    Great article thank for sharing.

  • You Complete Me Pillowcases [] :

    […] I do this instead, I’ll print out some Cephalopod Love with free print-outs from […]