More Cephalopod Art (IF: Flaw)

OK, if you missed yesterday’s, check out the free Squidee Valentine Cards and the custom illo opportunity!

Apparently, my husband has been teasing me that this week is my “Squid Period” (you know, like Picasso’s Blue Period, etc?) So, this week’s Illustration Friday theme is “Flawed”. This little squid has a small flaw marring his perfect body. But at least he has a band-aid. Maybe one day he’ll be perfect again. I really love this one. He needs a name too, so I’m taking suggestions!
Poor Little One has a Flaw

Don’t forget… Just about 2 more weeks for the Anti-Valentines Day contest! The Crafters are getting their cool items in, and I know my fellow artists can come up with a cool anti-valentines day card or something! … Enter it!