Cephalopod Week – Links to cool things with Tentacles

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In Soviet Russia, Squid Eat YOU!In Soviet Russia, Squid Eat YOU! This squidee’s over at Laughing Squid!

Bizarre Tentacled Robots
via @joshpincus, who also reminded me of this cool squid cake spotted on Craft.

pointed me to some gorgeous cephalopod jewelry by sculptor Sheryl Westleigh at Noadi’s Art Blog

All Things Squid at squid.us

Dabbled reader Adrienne from Baby Toolkit pointed me to a neat special on cuttlefish from Nova

The coolest sea creatures can be found on futuregirl!

At Superpunch: A Tentacle Pendant, Tentacle Bandana, Tentacled Converse Hightops (all by Miss Monster), and a Tentacle Tshirt

Build your own squid — pick different attributes and colors, you can even save him!

I don’t know what this is, but it’s got tentacles and it’s crocheted!

See bunches more Cephalopod links over at the Smidgen… (including a giant inflatable octopus, a squid tie, knitted octopus, and more!)

Flickr Roundup: 1. 21 Feet of Spandex., 2. Pentapus outside, 3. Squid (for Plush You), 4. Baby Octopus & Her Mommy Pattern :), 5. swaptopus detail, 6. Squid (de-inked), 7. Buddies, 8. tako!

Non-tentacle related, but cool:

Here’s a link to the month view human calendar – they all look at the current date, how cool! And here’s the little one (above)[
I ran across this here (thanks for promoting the Anti-Vday contest!)]

And here’s a way cool Shark Tea Diffuser at Tissuepapers…

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  • Jason R [] :

    It’s offline at the moment, but the Unofficial International Cephalopod Appreciation Day falls on 10 October. I hope you can participate.

  • Dot [] :

    — would love to, but you might need to remind me!

    Also, got this from a twitter friend: This takes forever to load, but love this adorable oscar nominated anim short Oktapodi: http://tinyurl.com/dayukq thx @23d !

  • Jason R [] :

    And I messed up the date again. It is 8 October. :S

  • Sarah [] :

    These are phenomenal! Seriously. Love the squidy craftiness.

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