I’ve dubbed this Cephalopod Week!

Wanna play? If so, send me links to any good crafts or art you made, or stuff you’ve found you think is cool, related to all things cephalopod-ish (squid, octopus, cuttlefish, nautilus…), I’ll be linking to some of the cool stuff around the web this week.

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So, in honor of Cephalopod week, here is another order of calamari in watercolor form.
More squid love

And–since I think it’s the only cephalopod I’ve made craft-wise, I should re-introduce Henri the Hexapus… He’s a pupput and/or a stuffed toy made from recycled sweaters and lots of annoying to sew on buttons…. Go make one today (Tutorial here)!
Henri, the Octo-puppet