Clothes Tutorials – recycle your wardrobe!

Boy's Sweater Vest (from a Man's Sweater) at MADEAt Dabbled we love to make something new out of something old.
It’s a great way to get new uses out of something that you don’t wear or is outgrown, and if you mess up, well, you’re not out expensive fabric, right? Plus, it’s fun to REFASHION!

Here’s a few tutorials to start you on your way!

Kids Refashioning Tutorials:

There are a ton of these out there, these were just a few I had saved in my ‘to write about’ file!

Skirt - Craft StylishAnd some for the adults

(sorry guys, this are pretty much all for the girls — someone find me some good men’s refashioning and i’ll post it!)

And a few that were published right here on Dabbled!

(Got a cool refashioning project you’d like to see published on Dabbled? Email Us- dot[at]dabbled[dot]org!)

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