Another reader re-creation.. The Dragon Cake

Yesterday I posted a reader version of the Perry the Platypus costume..

Then today I ran across this on my instructable on making the dragon cake:

Here’s mommy_in_a_meditative_midlife_crisis‘s version of the Dragon Cake, which she made for her son’s 6th birthday last year!  “I just got finished making the cake for my son’s 6th birthday party today. Thanks so much for your easy to follow directions! It made the whole process quite enjoyable! Since I couldn’t get. A hold of Easter candy in September I just made fondant covered cake balls for the eggs and used fondant for the spikes.”

Great job, down to the personality in the eyelids! And great job at improvising on the candy corns and malted eggs, with more fondant.

The Original, for comparison

How to make a Dragon Cake