Cool Crafty-ness and Mystery Party Pics

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Missie Krissie used the Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial to create this nifty cupcake! I love how she embellished it with fabric paint. She’s also done an adorable giraffe in the linked post.

I love this tortilla chip scarf done by Shes_crafty. Too fun! Thanks for tweeting it to me! Makes we want to go make some homemade guacamole.. .I haven’t done that in ages.

We dressed up again this weekend (man, we’ve dressed up A LOT lately!) for a murder mystery party–1920s filled with gangsters and flappers, guns and gambling. So I (we) spent much of Saturday embellishing my outfit and creating props. I was a cigarette girl in a speakeasy. I tacked on beaded trim to a black dress to make it more 20’s-ish, and the hubby made me a cigarette tray out of a cardboard box and ribbon (and decorated with leftover trim from my dress. I pinned some different trim in my hair to make a styling 20’s headband. (That’s me on the right.) Ooh, one quick trick I did (adapted from when stockings were unavailable during WW2), since I couldn’t find seamed stockings easily. I had D draw a line up the back of my legs with a brown sharpie, then put on regular stockings..

A few more pics from the party… Much fun was had by all, and kudos to our hosts for a fabulous time!
Some of Grieg's Pics from the Mystery Party

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  • Honor Bowden [] :

    Hey it looks like you had fun – love the stocking trick! lol. Oh, and I used freezer paper for the first time yesterday after reading your post, what have I been doing without it?!! Thanks heaps. :-)

  • Missie Krissie [] :

    Thanks for posting my cupcake! Next I’m using the freezer paper to do children’s names on toys or blankets for christmas- there’s no end to how much can be done!

  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh wow Nancy!!! I love the cupcake and will have to try that….the photos are wonderful….thanks for sharing…


  • Peter Breese [] :

    Looks like you all had a blast!