Craftdare..coming really soon!

Although the #craftsocial people know about this, I just realized I hadn’t mentioned a new project I’ve been working on with some other cool craft bloggers.  (It’s one of the myriad of reasons posting has been light on Dabbled the last few weeks — I just keep filling my plate full and going back for seconds!)

So what is it?

We Dare You…

We dare you to reach outside of your craft comfort zone and create pieces you’ve never dreamed of. We dare you to write about the creative issues most important to you. Most of all, we dare you to join a community of other creative people and meet people from all flavors of crafting and creativity.

We dare you to grow as an artist! is launching in May with challenges to make, do and talk about ideas that span the boundaries of individual crafts and genres.

Go over to to sign up to be notified of updates. And you can follow @craftdare on twitter.

I’m really excited about it! The team is great… and it should be a great site! Go check it out :)