New Random Post Photo Archive! (and how to build it)

So I was playing around with how to display archives of all the posts from the past 5 years or so here on Dabbled, and came up with this idea:  It’s a photo based archive that pulls a random selection of posts from a bunch of project related categories.  Just reload to see a different selection!   It was really fun to be reminded of old projects, interviews, and guest posts. Go check it out: 48 Random Dabbled Posts from the Past I have so much fun just reloading it and seeing what I get! For how to make something like this for your own blog, read on..… [ KEEP READING ]

More cool Pinterest Tricks: Adding a feed of things pinned from your website

The other day I talked about how to embed pins from one of your Pin Boards on Pinterest in a post.  So this got me thinking… what other cool WordPress tricks can we do?  (Yes, this is another post for you bloggers out there!)
This is just an image – the actual widget is over in the sidebar –>
I love go out to look and see what items on Dabbled people are pinning on Pinterest.  I had no idea some of my old posts had gotten rediscovered via Pinterest till I noticed some of them had a bunch of pins.  … [ KEEP READING ]

Summer Inspirations (and how to embed a Pinterest board on your wordpress blog)

How to Embed a Pinterest Pin Board in Wordpress Blog Post
I was playing around with Pinterest today (note the neat ‘Pin It’ stuff to make it easy to pin Dabbled stuff!) because I was thinking it could be cool to use Pinterest as a way to create inspiration link posts (like I used to do all the time when I had more time to devote to surfing my feed reader).  So with a little bit of research I came up with a cool and easy way to do just that.  So first enjoy the Pins below, then after that, look below to see how to easy embed Pinterest pin boards into your blog posts!… [ KEEP READING ]

Tutorial: How to Make the Doctor Who Dalek Cake

As promised yesterday, here are more details on the Doctor Who Dalek Cake.  You know I’m a big believer in showing you that YOU can make a really cool cake, and I do one every year for the Boy’s birthday.  Past years: Angry Birds cupcakesDragon Cake,  Perry the Platypus Cake, and Clone Trooper cupcakes.  So, today I’ve promised some of the details of how to make this cake yourself.  Tomorrow I’ll try to get up some of the decor, and a wrap up :)
For my geek friends, these Daleks are based on the New Dalek Paradigm from the 2010 Matt Smith episode, where the Doctor threatens the Daleks with a Jammie Dodger as a weapon, which is a favorite episode of my Birthday Boy.  … [ KEEP READING ]

Torn Page Tutorial Part 2: Put a cool graphic on your 404 page (WordPress).

The code In part 1 we created a cool graphic to put on your 404 page.  (Part 1: Photoshop tutorial to make a “torn out” image) Now, you need to integrate it into your 404 page, which is the page that comes up when a page is not found on the website. Again, I’ll be using the 404 page for in this tutorial. This tutorial will be written from a WordPress point of view, but I would assume if you have a bit of knowledge, you could use similar steps on any blogging platform.  Also, there are multiple ways to accomplish this, I just tried to come up with a way that is easy to explain and doesn’t require a ton of knowledge. … [ KEEP READING ]

Tutorial: Make a “torn” 404 page for your website. (part 1: photoshop)

The other day I announced that i had a new 404 Page Not Found page for Dabbled. And it’s quite cute if i do say so myself. Just type some gibberish after in your address bar and you’ll see it. Or just click this: So several people have asked how to do something like this themselves. Obviously you’ll probably want to do something different than I have, using an image or a theme that fits with your site. So, to show you a slightly different take with this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through doing a 404 page for … [ KEEP READING ]