Dabbled Holiday Contest Entries, part 2

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Entrants in the Dabbled Holiday Upcycling Contest

laurienrick enters several cool items! You can also find her etsy shop on the Shopping Links page!
Rows 1&2:
-a retro plaid crossover bag: “It began as a vintage wool dress that was all sewn together except for the hems around the skirt and sleeves – very Mary Tyler Moore. I appliqued some little flowers cut from a wool skirt over a few little moth bites, and it’s lined with a lovely brown bed sheet. “
forest wool hip bag: “This little hip bag is made from a repurposed forest green wool sweater, a discontinued upholstery remnant, and an olive green woven belt. It has an interior pocket made from olive green corduroy.”
Last Row:
Tink & Estelle: Their bodies were a tablecloth, the hats were a sweaters, and the scarves are a remnants of a red sweater and a piece of vintage fabric.
-The Colonel: The Colonel’s body was a tablecloth, his hat was a sweater, and the scarf was a remnant of flannel fabric… decorated with some cute little vintage buttons.
Cute Cordoroy Christmas Trees: “They are made from a green corduroy shirt I found at Goodwill, and I strung some sparkly beads on them to dress them up a bit. “

Row 3 (Pic 1) and Row 5, from She’s Crafty (shop here)
Love this cozy sweater bag… it even has pockets!
Wine Bucket Etc: “Using 2 sweaters that were left over from from other projects, I created a wine bucket cozy along with a table topper and matching coasters.

Rows 3&4, from Chica & Jo
Tree Skirt from a Bridesmaids Dress – So Clever! Check out the tutorial..
Make your Own Snowglobes! Such a fun little project with tons of possibilities! Check out the tutorial..

Links to all the pics above:

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