Illustration Friday: Similar

It’s my birthday (although I’m refusing to accept it!), and this is what I walked outside to find this morning… Nifty, huh?

Oh, and I finally posted the Holiday Card Art Challenge, ..oops, Past the Entry deadline, go VOTE HERE!

Other nifty stuff:

– My Halloween Creepy Cocktails won a third place prize on Instructables! Totally think these would be cool for Christmas too. Just make red pearls and pair them with a clear or green drink.. Festive! Or white, or blue balls might be cool too!

– In case you missed it, earlier today I posted the entrants thus far in the Dabbled Holiday Craft contest. You still have time to enter!

Now to the IF… I’m going to try to do another later this week, since I don’t like to recycle (well, art, at least!) :the T-shirt Bots are so Similar, but each unique!

T-shirt Wearing Bots

See All IF’s Here – Going strong on my New Years Resolution not to miss a week!