Illustration Friday: Similar

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It’s my birthday (although I’m refusing to accept it!), and this is what I walked outside to find this morning… Nifty, huh?

Oh, and I finally posted the Holiday Card Art Challenge, ..oops, Past the Entry deadline, go VOTE HERE!

Other nifty stuff:

– My Halloween Creepy Cocktails won a third place prize on Instructables! Totally think these would be cool for Christmas too. Just make red pearls and pair them with a clear or green drink.. Festive! Or white, or blue balls might be cool too!

– In case you missed it, earlier today I posted the entrants thus far in the Dabbled Holiday Craft contest. You still have time to enter!

Now to the IF… I’m going to try to do another later this week, since I don’t like to recycle (well, art, at least!) :the T-shirt Bots are so Similar, but each unique!

T-shirt Wearing Bots

See All IF’s Here – Going strong on my New Years Resolution not to miss a week!

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25 Comment(s) »

  • Michael [] :

    Happy Birthday!

    Hope you enjoy your day!

  • Fe [] :

    Happy Birthday. :-) BTW, love the Joss bot. Just awesome.

  • Diana Evans [] :

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Nancy!!!!

    Happy Birthday to you….

    and many more…

    I hope you have a fab Birthday celebration…it looks like it started out just perfect…

    and great submission for IF…

    Hugs and have a wonderful weekend


  • sketched out [] :

    Happy Birthday!! I hope all the pink flamingoes are a good thing, hee hee! Looks like fun!

    Have a great day… heck, have a great year!

  • Cathy [] :

    Happy Birthday, and what a fun post!

  • Gallery Juana [] :

    Happy Birthday!
    Pretty pink flamingos.
    I like the geek bot:)

  • flower girl [] :

    Happy birthday!! and what awesome work! I like hipster bot more!! =)

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    Happy, happy birthday!!! Weeee, that must have been GREAT to wake up to. You live in a world of fun.

    Your bots are so adorable. I don’t mind seeing them again and again and again. Like the shirt with the fencing bots.

    Congrats on the win!

  • Flying Colors [] :

    Happy Birthday Dot!

    These are wonderful “the bots” and the flamingos just awesome.

    You have a wonderful day.. Happy B’Day again :)

  • John [] :

    May I present a happy birthday donut robot:

  • Juan [] :

    Happy Birthday Nancy!!!!
    Beautiful bots!

  • LIsa [] :

    Happy Birthday

  • ArtSparker [] :

    Great characters…Have fun with the flamingos!

  • Amy C [] :

    Happy Birthday.
    Joos bot is so sweet – lovely colors too.
    Thanks for visitng me.

  • yoon see [] :

    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday to you Dot!

    Lovely & cool illustration….
    What a great surprise…spectacular picture of
    these red big birds!

  • Tiddly Inks [] :

    Wow, three winners in one post:
    A birthday, a flock of pinkness (I say you leave them LOL or at the very least put them in someone else’s yard so they can share the joy), and 3 just adorable robots. Dang, they are cute. :)

  • soulbrush [] :

    ha ha what a fabulous sight, happy b day…and many more.

  • Faruffa [] :

    Happy belated birthday to you!!!
    I love these characters and their Tees, great illo :o)

  • lil kim [] :

    happy botday -er, birthday! love them bots.

  • nessadee [] :

    Happy Birthday, Dot! Love those little bots! So cute.

  • nessadee [] :

    Happy Birthday, Dot! Love those little bots! So cute.

  • Chris Leavens [] :

    Awesome! I really like the “geeks” bot. His T-shirt is perfect.

  • Tom├ís Serrano [] :

    The second robot is fantastic. I loce his face.

  • Ellen [] :

    Fabulous work! Happy B-Day!!!!

  • theartofpuro [] :

    Happy Birthday

    Lovely illo