a Dabbled Holiday Contest – Recycle!


Here’s the scoop on the Dabbled Holiday Contest.

The theme for this season is Holiday (whichever holidays you celebrate, or do them all!) decor and gifts, recycled from something else. So your bag from recycled sweaters or your wreath from plastic bags, or whatever! You can enter as many items as you like (but you can only win with one), and we love tutorials…

HOW TO ENTER: This one will be flickr based, so you’ll need a flickr account to participate (it’s free, and I love flickr!). (This will make it easy for everyone to see all the entries, and easy for me to post links to the entries here — ya know at holiday time, we need EASY!) Upload your pictures of your cool holiday craftiness, with a link back to your blog on the picture description if applicable (be sure to tag them “dabbledholiday” and add to the dabbled flickr pool.
I’ll be pulling stuff from there to share with your guys all month..
Questions? Comments? Post them in the comments here, or email me at holiday -at- dabbled.org. You’re also welcome to link here in the comments to show off your stuff :)

Due date is December 12, so you have one month from today! We’ll have buttons you can put on your site, and the winners will receive nifty buttons proclaiming their greatness to the internet, as usual. I’ll add prize details later.

We had great sponsors for the Halloween Contest, but I’m not sure whether we’ll do that this time or not, but if you want to be a sponsor, just email me.

Other Dabbled Holiday Stuff for you to know about:

Best of Crafty “Upcycling” for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or your holiday of choice – Show off your recycling skills by making gifts or decor out of ‘trash’. Submit your tutorials to be featured on Dabbled! (Here’s some previous Dabbled Upcycling Projects if you need some inspiration)

Holiday Art Card Show – Artsy? Create a holiday card for the dabbled contest, and show off your work! Not Artsy? Download a cool holiday card from the cool artsy folks! More to come on this, email me if you think you’ll wanna play!

Shopping Links – Do you sell your art or craft? There will be a special page with links to Dabbled approved cool sellers. And for everyone, a great opportunity to support your fellow indie artists and crafters when you’re buying those holiday gifts! More Info HERE