Daphne (Scooby Doo) little girls costume

This was actually supposed to go up last year (!) but you know how the time around halloween gets around here!

My friend Cecily made this costume for her daughter…  She writes:

For my daughter, I didn’t like the Daphne costumes available for sale from the costume stores.  They are kind of skanky and not the cool retro Daphne from 1970!  She wanted to be the original Daphne for sure.

I used Simplicity: It’s So Easy, pattern #2825 (Dress and Backpack (didn’t make the backpack).  I used purple Kona cotton and lavendar bias tape for the trim.  Honestly I have no idea as to the “right way” to do something like this- I just followed the pattern and when I didn’t understand it, I improvised.  I’m just excited that I was able to make a garment!

Basically, if I can do this anyone can-as long as you have a basic knowledge of using a sewing machine and following a pattern.

Cecily added that “Funny thing is that I made myself a Daphne costume for Halloween in 2000 (maybe the Daphne-intrigue is partly due to the fact that I like her too?). I didn’t use a machine, just cut and hand-sewed thrift store pieces together to make that dress (a two piece).”

Here’s a scan of the mom version of the costume!