Day 1: Lemon Week – Candied Lemon Slices

Today’s Photo-recipe was inspired by Brownie Points (such a lovely blog!) recipe for “The Best Candied Orange Slices in the World“. My parents had an abundance of lemons, and I needed to find things to do with the ones they gave me, and this seemed like a perfect idea.

So, follow the instructions here at Brownie Points , for the full details, but in short: First you blanch your citrus… then you Candy it. The thing I feel like i added to the process was the method of candy-ing. I used a French Press coffee maker to candy my fruit. The french press is a lovely way of keeping your fruit submerged in the sugar solution, easy peasy! Finally, you dry the fruit, and dip it! I dipped some of mine in sugar, shown here, but I also dipped some in dark chocolate (and white chocolate)… yummy yummy!

Anyway, this worked fabulously, with one caveat. Make sure you blanch your slices long enough. Several minutes I think. I think I took mine out too quickly.