Dragon-con 09 Meetup!

Me and Henri on the train to Vienna...
Me and Henri on the train to Vienna...
We’re meeting up at DragonCon! Renee from The Domestic Scientist & and I are planning a meet-up… And if you’re going to be there, we’d love to see you too! We are going to meet at 1 p.m. on Saturday at the Pulse Bar in the Marriott Marquis–it’s on the upper floor of the Atrium I think. I said we should make a sign “Geek Crafters Unite!”, but if we don’t get around to it, just look for us!

For reference, this is a vague facsimile of what I look like –>
No stalking me now, please!
My badge will say “Dot”, and I might even bring Henri!

So, hope to see ya there! (if you’re local Atlanta but not going to the con, you may still be able to just meet us — they don’t usually check badges just to walk into the hotel)

PS: Lemon Week Continues later today!