Defend yourself against the 70s! (Kids Music Album Covers)

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Not long ago, my parents were cleaning out their attic, and sent me a bunch of old records (remember those things?) from when I and my brother were kids. I thought they were too cool not to share – some for the memories, some for the interesting album artwork. So, here are some of the pics (if you click through, you can see full size on flickr [or go to the set here])

Some of the Covers:
Kids Albums from the 70s! -set 1
Robin Hood! Snoopy vs the Red Baron!

More Covers:
Kids Albums from the 70s! -set2

Covers: Albums, Singles, and Singles with Books
Kids Albums from the 70s! - set 3

The Cover art from Victor Borge telling Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.
I loved this as a kid, I would just stare at the picture. It’s by Arthur Szyk (
Cover Art - Victor Borge tells Hans Christian Andersen

Check out this really weird Sesame Street art. I’m not sure if they were being avant garde, or couldn’t get the rights to draw the actual muppets..
Sesame Street - Odd art!

This album taught you how to do math with Jiminy Cricket.. I swear I still remember these songs and I think they helped me learn my multiplication tables!
Multiplication and Division (Jiminy Cricket)

The back of Snoopy vs the Red Baron, the story of Victor Borge, and the very 70s cut paper artwork of A is for Animals (I liked the song “Animal Fair”)
Kids Albums from the 70s!

Hey! Check out some of my early artwork on the inside of Brer Rabbit!
Inside of Brer Rabbit - and some of my early artwork!

I have a few more pics uploaded here… if you want to see another view of any of them, let me know!

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