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In the hierarchy of T-shirt bots, the Mom-Bot reigns supreme! I had been meaning to do more of these, but several people who took the survey said they’d like to see more of them, maybe on t-shirts, so I figured I’ll do a few more…

>>3 Different versions of MomBot as a Mother’s Day Card are available for free download here!


For reference.. the first T-Bots:
T-shirt Wearing Bots

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Forgot to add my links to other cool IF’s this week! So here they are:

Hey all! For a limited time, fill out this survey for a chance to win a random set of Nancy’s art postcards. This survey is NOT about, but about my updated art portfolio site, Your feedback really helps!

I’ll be drawing a winner from the entries!

(PS, the Super Secret RSS Feed preview survey has ended – congrats Kris!)

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14 Comment(s) »

  • Flower girl [] :

    Cool and cute.:)

  • Susan Faye [] :

    Cute bitty-bots! Every Mom-bot needs a good martini once in awhile…Cheers!

  • Ellen Byrne [] :

    wow! you’ve created an entire universe here! VERY cool!

  • Katie White [] :

    Cute t-shirts and robots. Thank you for the advice.

  • Lindsey [] :

    I love the mom bot! Did you get lots of people to do the survey?

  • Dot [] :

    A pretty good number, from the RSS feed portion – not as many as i expected. but you can still win a prize…
    Survey is still open – go here!

    I added it to the post too!

  • Tomás Serrano [] :

    Mom Bot is fabulous. I like the crooked line. The little bot bellow are great too. Ah, wonderful puppets!

  • Vanessa Brantley Newton [] :

    I LOVE THISSSSSSS!!! OMG I just got the giggles looking at these fabulous Tees. YOU ROCK GIRLY!!! this will make a very nice mothers day gift!!! Awesome illustrations. They are stellar boss. I adore the colors. Great work and thanks for linking me!!!

  • Silver Knight [] :

    lovable bots!

  • Loni Edwards [] :

    I love the Martini shirt! Do you know my Mother In Law? LOL So cute! I am partial to the geeks will inherit the earth bot myself. :)

  • sketched out [] :

    I sure do love your bots! They absolutely would make fabulous t-shirts!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your IF linky… very sweet of you!

    Oh sheesh, reminds me… I forgot to thank you for the awesome prize from the V-Day contest! Love it!! I need to put it on my blog! Been so busy lately, it’s amazing I remember to breath, hee hee.

  • Brine Blank [] :

    Mombot keeps a special thermos in her nightstand huh? That’s pretty darned funny!

  • ValGalArt [] :

    you put a lot of time into featuring all those vintage pieces that is super-cool! Always loving your bots :)

  • 3rdEyeMuse [] :

    mom bot is STELLAR!

    thank you for the downloads!!