Dot Cooks! “Live” Halloween Party Food Prep

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tentaclesYesterday I did a “live-tweet” of my cooking/prepping food for the halloween party.  Which basically consists of me taking cellphone pics of whatever I’m cooking.

So, if you don’t follow me on twitter, here’s what I posted!

Twitter for #dotcooks


DotatDabbled: I’ll be ‘live-tweeting’ party food prep this morning, for real this time! Follow along at #dotcooks

DotatDabbled: – Anyone wanna guess what this is going to be? #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – Anyone have a good recipe for leftover bits of olives? Tapenade maybe? #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – Two of these eyeballs will be the eyes on the flayed skin face #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – New for the kiddies this year.. “Live octopuses” in progress #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – In hindsight, this was a very time consuming project – I should have waited for 4 year old helper #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: Sorry for the lack of updates on the #dotcooks livetweet – I’m making boring stuff like hummus right now :)
DotatDabbled: – Tentacled Edibles: which one is your favorite? #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: More to come in #dotcooks, but I gotta go pickup The Boy from Pre-K, and clean the kitchen, before I start on Round 2
DotatDabbled: – Cupcakes – some are a little wopty due to assistant’s filling the cups himself #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: Soaking the tapioca pearls – making this: #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – ‘Bubbles’ soaking for the creepy bubble cocktails #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – A blueberry pie. Shaped like a jackolantern. I dislike pumpkin pie! #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – Monster mouth cupcakes! #dotcooks
DotatDabbled: – You never know what is going to float up in those pies #dotcooks
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