The Perry The Platypus Costume

Perry the Platypus homemade costume

Updated!!– New photos and instructions here for making it even better with EYES!!

Tutorial: How to make the Perry the Platypus Costume perry

Here are some basic instructions, pictures follow.

At it’s simplest, you can do this with a green hoodie and sweatpants. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find a green hoodie, so I made a simple one out of fleece, by tracing around a current sweatshirt. (see pics below) I added a few pieces of ‘hair’ with black embroidery floss.
(In the updated 2010 version I add a drawstring around the front of the hoodie, by sewing a simple hem, and running a lace through it. This provides a better shape to the head)

The Duckbill was very easy! 2 pieces of craftfoam, cut into a bill shape. The bottom piece is slightly smaller than the top piece. I used a hole punch to make breathing holes on the bottom, and to make the holes for the elastic cording. Just tie the pieces together, and they go nicely over the nose, or even over the nose and chin (which is how The Boy liked to wear his).

Very simple. A webbed foot cut from craft foam. Then I slid a scrap piece of foam through the shoe lace on his shoe. I placed duct tape behind it (see pics) and pressed the foot shape on top!

The tail totally made the outfit. I cut the tail shape out of brown fleece, and sewed it together, leaving an opening at the top. I then stuff it VERY lightly with a little fiber fill. Then use pins to mark the tail into equal sections, several inches apart (see pics). Then sew in a zigzag down the tail. At the end, repeat the process in reverse, making the quilted x’s. Attach the tail to the bottom of the hoodie.

Um, is a fedora.

Eyes (New for 2010!): Updated!!– New photos and instructions here for making it even better with EYES!!

Here are some other pictures, and some shots of “the making of Agent P”! Click to see big/slideshow.

I’ll have a few pics of the halloween party and other Halloween links as a final wrap up of Halloween 2009 tomorrow!