Dragon-con 2010 Photos/Costumes

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Another Dragon*con has come and gone, and we had a great time.

I’m bummed that I missed most of my crafty friends… I’ll have to plan ahead better next time!  But I did get to see lots of my artist friends, so that made up for it.  And of course, the people watching was awesome as usual..  here’s a few costumes for you.  Plus there are more photos on my flickr page.

<<=This was my favorite costume from Dragon-con this year.  The REAL Iron Man!  Love the details… like “Starch Industries on the handle.  (Though I have to admit, I totally didn’t get it the first time I saw it… I was just “wow, what a cool giant iron!”  Then it hit me!)

Other costumes and stuff below…


Coming tomorrow – Cool artists from Dragon-con!


Here’s me… in a borrowed helmet and wig.  No, I did not dress up for Dragon con.. Too Much Work!

10 points if you can a) get the reference (what am I doing–it made perfect sense at the time, I swear!), and 10 more points if you can b) tell me why threatening this bunny is a very bad idea.  :)

Here’s a few more below – click on a photo to see larger or as a slide show. Or you can go to flickr for more Dragon-con 2010 photos!

Alice in Wonderland group shot

Nice Alice in Wonderland Group

I don't know who this is, but cool costume

Fabulous Ursula - Love the Tentacles!

Very clever Jellyfish from Umbrellas

More silliness with wigs

The husband with The Stig

Dragon-con 2010 Photos/Costumes
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11 Comment(s) »

  • Aaron [] :

    Your mystery cosplayer is Kratos, from the God Of War video game series. :)

  • Diana Evans [] :

    oh what a hoot!!! this is too cool!!! that “Iron” man is awesome!!!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Thanks, Aaron.. I’m sure D knew, but I’m clueless :)

    Hi Diana!

  • Bill [] :

    Hmm. Elmer Fudd ??


  • Anne Tang [] :

    Great, I like your bright orange wig.

  • Dot [] (author) :


  • Honor [] :

    OMG! That Iron Man is too funny!! Looks like a great time was had. : )

  • obsidian kitten [] :

    Yes! Elmer Fudd, Flight of the Valkyries! Kill the Wabbit…

    (Spouse’s suggestion…I was stuck trying to make some ConAir “Now why couldn’t you put the bunny back in the box?” joke…”

  • obsidian kitten [] :

    Oh! And what a spectacular Ursula…

  • Andrew [] :

    Small world. That’s Dame with my friend, H., dressed as The Stig’s Sexy American Cousin.