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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas, old and new

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas, old and new

Lady Rocketeer at Superpunch – See the Instructable here!

Also at Superpunch – Downloadable Mask roundup

From Filth Wizardry: Milk jug storm trooper helmet

Halloween costume roundup at One Pretty Thing

Spike through the stomach

Check out this one we posted last year:  a great pirate and mermaid!

More links from Dabbled’s past::

Halloween Costumes, part 3 – Homemade Kids Costumes (plus more links)

Star Wars Halloween

The Spider! … [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon-con 2010 Photos/Costumes

Dragon-con 2010 Photos/Costumes

Another Dragon*con has come and gone, and we had a great time.

I’m bummed that I missed most of my crafty friends… I’ll have to plan ahead better next time!  But I did get to see lots of my artist friends, so that made up for it.  And of course, the people watching was awesome as usual..  here’s a few costumes for you.  Plus there are more photos on my flickr page.… [ KEEP READING ]

More… Halloween Costume ideas & instructions (Part 4?)

More... Halloween Costume ideas & instructions (Part 4?)

Have you figured out your costume yet?  A couples costume?  For you?  For your kids?  Well, here’s more inspiration and tutorials! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


Star Wars Halloween

Star Wars Halloween

Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Halloween seems to bring out the Star Wars Geek in all of us, and with the new Clone Wars series, all the kids have rediscovered it as well. So classic or the new animated series, or even (shudder) Eps 1-3, we should totally have a Star Wars Halloween!

To start off, Heather brings us this adorable stormtrooper she made last halloween.  For info on making this yourself, see the bottom of this post…

Another really cool one that I found turned out to be by Sarah at Craft Critique.… [ KEEP READING ]

Kids Halloween Costume Ideas: How to make a Garbage Man, and more!

Kids Halloween Costume Ideas:  How to make a Garbage Man, and more!

I’ve been posting cute kids costumes over at the Dabbled Facebook page, and inviting readers to join in, and Lisa posted this one. I thought it was so cute we just had to share it with everyone.

Lisa made this Garbage Man/Truck costume, and I think she did an awesome job. As she points out, the same principles could be used for a fire truck (with fireman costume), tow truck, or whatever your little boy would like!… [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon*con Pics – Finally!

Dragon*con Pics - Finally!

Yep, finally got around to uploading my pictures from Dragon-con. Here’s a little sampling (click to view bigger!) — Or you can see the whole set at Flickr. And there’s more stuff after the pics, so scroll down!
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