Easter Eggs: 12 Interesting ways to color/paint/dye them!

Another Flickr Roundup for you, this time it’s Ways to Dye Your Easter Eggs… come on, you weren’t going to just go use a kit, were you? From cabbage to duct tape, we have lots of cool ideas for making your eggs memorable. Some complicated, some easy and kid-friendly!

See under the pictures for links to the original pics, and more “how to” info.
Collection of Creatively Dyed Easter Eggs from around flickr

1. Kymberlee della Luce shows us the results of dying with tissue paper. Lovely! Click thru for instructions
2. From Rick Unger, Easter Egg Dyed With Onion Skins (instructions linked)
3. Instruction on dyeing an egg using DUCT TAPE! by kateandersok
4. I’m guessing this is tissue paper punched with interesting shapes – Really simple and pretty eggs from pinkbelt.
5. Great instructions on using natural dyes and plants from musicpb. This blue comes from purple cabbage!
6. Looks like these by orangesoc12 were done using an oil dyeing method.
7. Click through to see more of these lovely botanical eggs. rosidae shows us how to make these using natural onion skin dye See More
8. Painted works of art by “Sara?”
9. “-luz-” brings us a nice guide to dyeing with natural dyes. Click through to see the notes on the picture. Also see the podcast at Curbly
10. Decorating with dyed newspaper yeilds cool results, by William Thalmus
11. Tresijas makes Silk Tie Eggs- the pattern is transferred off silk ties!
12. Gorgeous Ukranian style Easter Eggs by tanya zivkovic. click thru for more. And these are great too.

Be sure to click on the links above to get instructions (in some cases) and/or more inspirational pictures!

Eggs and Easter Resources (besides the links above):

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and it gives you a few ideas!
EDIT: a few more egg ideas here

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