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Easter Idea Roundup

Easter Idea Roundup

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Cake Eggs!

Roundup: Easter Sweets


Easter Egg Coloring Ideas

Make your Own Peeps!

The Chicken Egg Family

Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial

Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha

More great egg ideas at Wisdom of the Moon


Click on the photo above for Cool Easter ideas from the past–
And here are some more resources:

Filled “Carrot” for Easter Bunny brunch


This is a fabulous idea!

Check out this adorable ‘carrot’ filled with egg salad from Hungry Happenings– a fun addition to an easter brunch, maybe?

From the site: There is only one spring day that starts off with your family running around the yard in search of decorated eggs. Easter Sunday is quite unique in that respect.  After our Easter egg hunts we have always gathered up our decorated eggs and whisked them off to the kitchen to add some Miracle Whip before turning them into deviled eggs or egg salad. … [ KEEP READING ]

Jello Easter Eggs

Jello Easter Eggs

Love this idea from Duhlicious!

Jello Easter Eggs made in the shell… and plus the idea of making them into Jello shots?  Awesomeness.  Will have to try these!

Go read the whole thing and get the instructions: Jello Easter Eggs


Peeps in Formal Wear!

Peeps in Formal Wear!

Check out these jazzed up Peep bunnies in tuxedos!  These would be perfect for Easter, or maybe even a fun treat for a spring wedding!

Love this idea… Should definitely come up with some variations using other types of Peeps :)

From Babble:

Until this Sunday, when the kids and I dressed them in little tuxedoes of white and dark chocolate.  Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough of them. I’m not embarrassed to admit I let each of the kids eat one, while I bit the crunchy little tuxedos off of a handful of Peeps all by my lonesome. … [ KEEP READING ]

Easter Ideas: Egg decoration, crafts, food

Easter Ideas: Egg decoration, crafts, food

Just because something was posted a few years ago, doesn’t mean it’s not still a good idea!  Here are some links from past Easters the I collected…

Link Love:

Pictured above:

Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha!

Chocolate Filled Eggshells from not martha!

The other day we talked about Cake Filled Eggshells. Well, we Love Love Love this idea from not martha for chocolate and goodie-filled real eggshells. So clever, and I love how Kinder Eggs were her inspiration! They are so much fun.

These dyed Easter are real eggshells that have been coated on the inside with chocolate and stuffed with candy and a small surprise.

Everything I used to decorate the eggs is edible. [ KEEP READING ]