Easter wrapup, and Share your easter eggs!

More Easter EggsHope everyone had a fun easter… Did anyone try any of the easter egg dyeing techniques from last week, or do anything else cool with your eggs? If so, leave a comment with a link, or add your egg pics to the Dabbled flickr pool.

Other cool stuff that is Easter/spring related, to tuck away for next year..

Pictured above:
1. A really pretty dye job in brianjmatis’s photostream, 2. Simple and Geeky Binary easter egg by Rakka
3. Step by Step How to make Lithuanian Easter Egg by pixelant, 4. Adorable egg planters from amp’ed

More More Easter Photos

Pictured Left:
1. Easter Cookies by the fabulous Hello Naomi (See the Dabbled Interview with Naomi)
2. Love this fabric “chocolate” bunny
3. Got leftover eggs? Make this yummy looking Bacon Egg Salad Sandwich (recipe)
4. The Portrait Easter Eggs mentioned above.

Fabric Baskets
Finally, some of the fabric easter baskets made with the tutorial posted earlier. If you made one, and I missed it, be sure to drop me a line!
1. Original Dabbled Basket, 2. Easter Basket by ginabeanhandmade, 3. Basket by Justine Wilson4. 3 Baskets by Kristi