Elder Gods have a lot of time on their hands…

This design was inspired by a twitter conversation with my friend rit.  I had just showed off The Crafty Octopus to my twitter friends, and everyone liked it.  But rit’s comments just made me have to go make this image.  The conversation has been recorded below, for posterity’s sake.

knitting cthulhu

Dot says:  http://twitpic.com/q3z6a – How do you like this one (crafty octopus)? I was thinking of using it for a Dabbled tshirt

Rit says: LOVE the octopus. I would tattoo that on my body if it was more cthulu-ey :)

Rit says:  I’m thinking more preparing to devour the world than do some crafting ;)

Rit says:  I mean it’s not, “In his house in Ry’leh dead Cthulu waits making arts and crafts” :P

Dot says: well, @rit, how else does he pass the time? I mean I bet an elder god is a fabulous knitter!

Rit says:  that’s true. I bet he has tentacle sucker doilies or some kind of elder god mitten. And of course, his teddy bear Pookie.

So, I REALLY will do a Cthulhu for rit (sans knitting), but the knitting Cthulhu just had to be done first!

I think this image would make a great poster… What ya think?

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