Gelatinous Zooplankton (aka Jellyfish!)

[21 Nov 2009 | By | 4 Comment(s) | 8,010 views ]

Apparently, Jellyfish is not a fish.

They also don’t have giant eyes like these, but I did read that one species has no brain, but 4 very good eyes.

So the fourth (or third if you count the order they were posted on twitter!) in the black and white series is the Jellyfish. Enjoy!


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  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    OOOOOHHH, DOT! This B/W series is the coolest! It’s got a nice urban feel to it. Loved the octopus playing the strings. And I have a thing for jellies. Super awesome!

  • Brine Blank [] :

    WOW! Really like the hidden character in/to this…and really enjoying the high contrast series…something great about crisp items like these…

  • Julia [] :

    Hey, you are an artist, you can put whatever you want on your jellyfish!!! I always told my students that their skies could be any color and so could their trees. The imagination is a wonderful thing.

  • dt. haase [] :

    that is sweet – I love it