The Ele-purse, part deux..

I made another Elepurse, this time for Erin for Christmas. This one is made from thicker wool, which felted much heavier, so it’s smaller and sturdier. Also the original sweater was multicolored, and I like how that gave it a totally different look.

The Finished Product - Ele-purse II!

If you remember from before, here’s my original sweater haul:
a new project materials

Here is the sweater I chose for this purse, after felting*, and the process is below:

The Raw Material

The process was pretty much the same as for the original Ele-purse. Click here for details. The only differences were that I wanted to just use the yellow for the trunk (there was an orange stripe on the sleeves that went to a different project, you’ll see that later), which necessitated a slightly smaller bag. The ears are made from the very top of the sleeves, which happened to be pink. I could have also cut them out of the scraps from the body, but they happened to be almost exactly the right size, and allowed for a little trim of orange on them.
In retrospect, i wish I had sewn the trunk a little skinnier, up to where the ribbing starts.

But all in all, a fun, easy, and cute project!

*I felted just by washing in hot in the washing machine, with a dab of soap.