Emergency Condiment Recipes

condimentsIf you’re like me, you have way too many jars and bottles of condiments on the door of your fridge.  You bought that bottle of Thousand Island Dressing for making Reuben sandwiches one day, and there it sits, taking up space.

Well, emergency condiment recipes to the rescue!  Why buy that 1000 Island Dressing, when you could have easily made it from stuff you already had in your refrigerator?  Take cocktail sauce off your shopping list.  Tartar Sauce too…

Ingredients needed to make all the below: ketchup, mustard, mayo, sweet pickle relish, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce & honey.  As usual, all measurements are VERY approximate!

Cocktail Sauce:

Having a party and need some cocktail sauce for the shrimp?  Your trusty ketchup provides the base.  Try 4 parts ketchup to 1 part horseradish (jarred prepared horseradish).  Add 1/2 part worchestershire sauce (or several shakes).  Stir and taste.  Add more horseradish or worchestershire to taste.  Optional: a dash of lemon juice.

Essential ingredients: Ketchup, prepared horseradish, worchestershire sauce

Thousand Island Dressing:

I learned this trick waiting tables in grad school.  We didn’t have 1000 Island dressing, and once in a blue moon, someone would want some for their salad. Emergency restaurant trick:  Mix tartar  sauce with ketchup!

I rarely need 1000 Island, but it IS a must for a good Reuben.  For the home version, since I may not really keep tartar sauce on hand either, it’s 3 ingredients.  Mix mayo and ketchup (try 4 to 1), and spoon in pickle relish until you have your desired consistency.

Essential ingredients:  Mayo, ketchup, sweet pickle relish

Tartar Sauce

I use this quick and dirty tartar sauce recipe whenever I make fish tacos. Combine Mayo with sweet pickle relish (optional: dash worchestershire sauce).

Essential ingredients: Mayo, sweet relish

Horseradish sauce

A good horseradish mayo is obligatory for a roast beef and swiss sandwich, in my book.  Just add prepared horseradish to mayonnaise to taste — i like it pretty strong.   For a dip (like for fried mushrooms or veggies or chips) mix mayo with equal parts sour cream, and add horseradish to taste.

Essential ingredients:  Mayo, horseradish

Honey Mustard dressing

Either for a dip for a chicken fingers, or a salad dressing for those with a sweet tooth — like kids– honey mustard is an easy quick fix.  Personally, I prefer a less creamy and more mustardy version, so I )go easy on the mayo, but prepare this to your taste.  Start with equal parts mayo and mustard (I prefer spicy brown), and honey.  Stir and taste.  If too sweet add more mayo/mustard.  Add more mayo if you’d like it creamier.

Essential ingredients:  Mayo, mustard, honey

Note: These are REALLY basic versions, you can punch up the flavoring in these, of course… just google for a real recipe and you can see what you may want to add.  Also, I never measure when making these, just start with a mixture that looks about right, taste, and add more of what ever is needed.  Like most cooking, it’s an art!

Next Steps…

So you’re all set for your condiment crises now, but these aren’t just for emergencies.  Once you have the basics down, go to town with your creations.  For example, I like to add fresh cucumber and onion, dill, and a dash of rice wine vinegar to my tartar sauce recipe, for a perfect sauce for grilled salmon tacos…