Fall Entertaining: Have a “Soup Night”

3258018083_e0d7aa0295There is an old tradition among our group of friends called “Soup Night”. As the weather gets colder, and there aren’t as many outdoor activities to bring us together, it’s great to have an excuse to get together with friends for fun and fellowship. Thus, “soup night”.

To do your own soup night, pick a core group of friends to host for the next (say) 4-6 weeks (skipping for holidays as necessary). It’s best to pick a consistent night, like every Wednesday. Each household hosts one night, and provides the main meal, some form of soup. Other guests chip in apps, bread, wine, beer, desserts, and it’s a pretty cost effective gathering. It’s not a late night event, since it’s a work night — plan for after work (6ish) to around 9. People get there when they can, and the dinner is out for everyone to graze on throughout the evening.

The host invites the core group, and maybe a few extra friends to expand the circle and have everyone meet new people.

Inspired? Try one!

Need a soup?
Try Dabbled’s Favorite Carrot “Vichy”! Super Easy and Yummy. (Photo-recipe here)

Some others: